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Return information in Enligsh


I've been trying to find out how to return books since last week, but I can't get the info.  Can you tell me how to return my most recent order?
Matthew Rapportera olämpligt innehåll


  • Hello Matthew.

    You always have 14 days after arrival to make a return on a book/books, as long as they have not been used. We do not have a return charge but expect you to pay for the return freight according to the Postage rate.

    If you only return part of your order, it’s important that you don’t pay your invoice before you have received an email from us that we have received your return. You can then use your existing invoice and subtract the cost of the book/books that you have sent back or wait for the new invoice that will arrive shortly.

    If you return a complete order, your invoice will be cancelled in our systems as soon as we have received and confirmed your return via e-mail.

    Either way you will need to contact Klarna who handles all our invoicing, so that the invoice doesn’t pass it's due date.

    You will find all contact details to Klarna here.

    It is also important that you attach a copy of the invoice/delivery slip (följesedel) or a letter where you state your name, address and order number so that we know who has returned the book/books.

    Please send your return to the address stated below:

    Adlibris returer
    Godsmottagning A
    Adlibrisvägen 1
    744 51 Morgongåva.
    Hanna L Redaktör

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